So… where is this going?

Oh boy today is cold, sunny but cold. Summer is now long gone and in a couple of days we’ll celebrate our first year in Edinburgh. Ironically, things are looking quite similar to then; our landlord decided to sell our apartment so soon we will be receiving lots of boxes and in November we’ll be moving again. I’m also still looking for a job and although I still haven’t secured anything, I won’t give up. … Continue reading

If you are reading this you should be grateful

I haven’t posted in a while and in my case that only can mean two things; either I’m way too busy, I don’t have time to stop and share or life has become so monotonous that nothing relevant is going on, so I don’t have much to write about. Well, this time it has been a bit of the both extremes. During Easter weekend, Clement’s sister and a friend visited us and on Sunday we … Continue reading

Cheshire Cat

I used to love to write but lately I find it so difficult. When I started the blog I was thrilled with the idea of sharing my thoughts and adventures with the web on regular basis but for some reason lately I can’t “connect” with my inspiration. I have tons of ideas for posts but I get stuck and I cannot find the words or put order in my thinking. Today I wanted to talk … Continue reading