So… where is this going?

Oh boy today is cold, sunny but cold. Summer is now long gone and in a couple of days we’ll celebrate our first year in Edinburgh. Ironically, things are looking quite similar to then; our landlord decided to sell our apartment so soon we will be receiving lots of boxes and in November we’ll be moving again. I’m also still looking for a job and although I still haven’t secured anything, I won’t give up. … Continue reading

The Ikea Experience

Last Saturday we moved to our new home; a beautiful double bedroom apartment on the top floor of a three story building. It is located just a couple of blocks away from Haymarket and only a couple of streets away from the temporary accommodation where we were staying but after almost a month there we had “multiplied” so we had to take a taxi in order to move the bags and suitcases all at once. … Continue reading

Settling down in Edinburgh

It’s been a little bit more than a week since we got to Edinburgh and yes, I know I should have written earlier but since we arrived, I’ve been quite busy scanning the web searching for potential places to call home and juicy job opportunities. Have I mentioned that I love Edinburgh? This city is not only beautiful but it also has this “I don’t know what” that makes it so cool… hopefully I’ll be … Continue reading

We are moving to Edinburgh!

It has been official for quite a while. Almost everyone knows and at work, I gave my notice almost two months ago. The boxes arrived this Monday and even the moving company is closed since a couple of weeks but I guess that my brain won’t register and accept the facts until I write about it here: We are moving! In a little bit more than two weeks we will be changing our home again. … Continue reading