Pancake Day, pancake recipe!

Today is Pancake Day! Some of you might think there is not such a thing as Pancake Day but over here, in the UK, it is the real deal. Radio ads have been running for the last couple of weeks, same as in the TV and 90% of the people I asked today are having pancakes for dinner. Pancake Day falls the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. Those in the States will point out that that … Continue reading

You harvest what you plant

Today I learnt that you should NOT store onions and potatoes together. I’ve been doing it since we move to Wilmersdorf and maybe that is the reason why one day out of the blue, the onions (normal and regular ones that you get in a supermarket) decided to rebel, search for freedom and grow. [Something is growing out of control] I couldn’t or at least I didn’t dare to eat them anymore and as I … Continue reading

My new hobby: the kitchen!


I love to cook. Seriously, I never thought that I would have so much fun preparing food. I guess it has something to do with the fact that it combines two activities which I’m very fond of; creating and eating. The former could be the key to many-many posts in the future. I remember when I used to sign up for arts & crafts or for the wood-workshop in the summer camp and even for … Continue reading