Tantallon Castle and North Berwick

Last weekend, the in-laws (2b) were in town visiting so after a lot of wedding-related activities on Saturday we decided to take advantage of the rented car and explore around Edinburgh on Sunday. The chosen destination for the day was North Berwick. Before arriving to the idyllic coastal town (N. Berwick) we visited Tantallon Castle. Since we moved to Scotland I’ve been lucky enough to see several castles and semi-ruined fortress and so far, Tantallon … Continue reading

Before the snow there was York.

I clearly remember how a couple of weeks ago we were celebrating that the worst part of winter was over. WRONG! Poor innocent us, unaware of the impact of our comments we smiled and toasted to the spring and the good weather but what we had really just done was evoking Murphy’s law :S On Monday we started week number three of snow and the cold temperatures. I won’t say I’m complaining, as I still … Continue reading

The Highlands Road trip

This post was supposed to go live last week but as I open the computer to start writing I saw a MOUSE in the opposite corner of the room and as you might imagine… I had to invest my afternoon in a different way. It was just for a second, I was in the living room sitting on the sofa. The sun had just set down and I was too busy finishing an episode from … Continue reading

It’s a celebration!

Today’s post was supposed to be about the holidays and the festive season we are on but before talking about that… I have a funny story. Today I was trapped on a train for about two hours and a half!!! Ironically, my trip was supposed to last only 5 minutes but I got in the wrong train (althoug I was in the right platform) and instead of heading south to Edinburgh Park, I was on … Continue reading

We are moving to Edinburgh!

It has been official for quite a while. Almost everyone knows and at work, I gave my notice almost two months ago. The boxes arrived this Monday and even the moving company is closed since a couple of weeks but I guess that my brain won’t register and accept the facts until I write about it here: We are moving! In a little bit more than two weeks we will be changing our home again. … Continue reading