Not even married but thinking about diapers

Today’s topic might be a little bit unusual but as you know, I’m actively looking for a job and I came across with an application that looks very interesting. Although I haven’t been shortlisted (yet), along with the application form, I have to submit a hypothetical blog post; so I thought I could go that extra mile, turn theory into reality and give the organisation some promotion and who knows… I might even be winning … Continue reading

Feeling Epic!

I know I still haven´t posted the Roasted Butternut Squash recipe but there were some last minute changes in the weekend menu and although I was planning to post it today, live is not how you plan it and I have a great post to share with you. I don’t know if today Karma loves me, hates me or if it is just trying to teach me a lesson but right now I am feeling … Continue reading

Let it snow!

Despite the cold temperatures, I still think that the weather in Scotland or at least in Edinburgh is a lot nicer that what I experienced while living in Berlin. Yes, sometimes it rains and yes, sometimes we have a grey day but overall, I still think that the allegations of bad weather in Scotland are only an urban legend. I will not deny that after a quite active Sunday night, we woke up with a … Continue reading

It’s a celebration!

Today’s post was supposed to be about the holidays and the festive season we are on but before talking about that… I have a funny story. Today I was trapped on a train for about two hours and a half!!! Ironically, my trip was supposed to last only 5 minutes but I got in the wrong train (althoug I was in the right platform) and instead of heading south to Edinburgh Park, I was on … Continue reading

The bad weather in Scotland is a myth

I must confess I have my doubts about writing this post. I thought about it during the weekend and wanted to post it yesterday but Murphy’s Law has it and yesterday the day was grey and it looked like a storm could break any minute. This morning the city was taken by the fog but by 10AM the sun was already shinning and although there were some very dark clouds around, I’m sure you can … Continue reading

Settling down in Edinburgh

It’s been a little bit more than a week since we got to Edinburgh and yes, I know I should have written earlier but since we arrived, I’ve been quite busy scanning the web searching for potential places to call home and juicy job opportunities. Have I mentioned that I love Edinburgh? This city is not only beautiful but it also has this “I don’t know what” that makes it so cool… hopefully I’ll be … Continue reading

We are moving to Edinburgh!

It has been official for quite a while. Almost everyone knows and at work, I gave my notice almost two months ago. The boxes arrived this Monday and even the moving company is closed since a couple of weeks but I guess that my brain won’t register and accept the facts until I write about it here: We are moving! In a little bit more than two weeks we will be changing our home again. … Continue reading