Pancake Day, pancake recipe!

Today is Pancake Day! Some of you might think there is not such a thing as Pancake Day but over here, in the UK, it is the real deal. Radio ads have been running for the last couple of weeks, same as in the TV and 90% of the people I asked today are having pancakes for dinner. Pancake Day falls the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. Those in the States will point out that that … Continue reading

Eating…FUN, diet..BAD!!!

As always I have a million things to do and want to write about a million things as well, but also, as always, I do not know where to start. So I have decided to start writing something, that in comparison to some assignments that I have to do for my college looks much more entertaining. I am suppose to be doing an essay for tomorrow, but like everybody else in this position, I am just … Continue reading