Burns Night & Gay Gordon’s

It’s been literary ages since last time I wrote. As a new year’s resolution I promised myself I was going to write at least twice a month and here we are… last day of January and still no new posts around. However, I have good news… Today is the first new moon of the calendar year which means; Chinese New Year! Yay, I can give those New Year’s resolutions a second chance. :) By the … Continue reading

So… where is this going?

Oh boy today is cold, sunny but cold. Summer is now long gone and in a couple of days we’ll celebrate our first year in Edinburgh. Ironically, things are looking quite similar to then; our landlord decided to sell our apartment so soon we will be receiving lots of boxes and in November we’ll be moving again. I’m also still looking for a job and although I still haven’t secured anything, I won’t give up. … Continue reading

Back to the 20s

Yesterday I had the best night in a long, long time. We had dinner, then went clubbing and although I was exhausted, we danced and laughed until 4.30 and trust me, it´s been a while since I came back home that late. Maybe because since in Berlin, clubbing hasn’t been our main weekend activity our maybe because the “party” wasn’t that awesome. But yesterday it it was legen… wait for it… dary legendary!! [With love … Continue reading