JUAN LES-PINS, Côte d´Azur

Two weeks have gone by since I was relaxing in the beautiful Côte d´Azur, in France. Now, sitting in the library of my university, all surrunded by books, notes and others, and what it is worse…wearing a sweater and boots; it seems like those days were a long long time ago…I want summer again!! Well anyway I can wish whatever I want but summer wont come back untill next year, thanks God we have pictures … Continue reading

Connecting flights

Connecting flights

I know that it was in October 2011 when the earth population reached the 7billions ( but I guess I don’t usually think about it or I don’t really manage to realize how much those nine zeros really mean. It is in places like airports when I find myself thinking about the amount of people that lives in this planet. On my way to Philly I had a layover of two hours in Brussels and … Continue reading

DAY 2 – Pink Skirt

FINALLY DAY 2!! it has taken me a while to post the second outfit, but summer is finishing and there is so many things to do. OH SUMMER endless summer, although I have not had any summer at all, now that I think about it. I have been working for the past two months in PRIMARK, as I already told you, and in two days my internship will be over. The worst part of it … Continue reading

You harvest what you plant

Today I learnt that you should NOT store onions and potatoes together. I’ve been doing it since we move to Wilmersdorf and maybe that is the reason why one day out of the blue, the onions (normal and regular ones that you get in a supermarket) decided to rebel, search for freedom and grow. [Something is growing out of control] I couldn’t or at least I didn’t dare to eat them anymore and as I … Continue reading

In Rügen the warmest day of the year

Pier at Sellin

Last week we decided to change our beautiful Berlin for the sand and the sea and headed to Groß Zicker, a small town in the south-west of Rügen. Ironically, Groß in German means big but the town didn’t have more than 12 houses (so you can do the math) but I’m not complaining. We actually wanted the beach just for ourselves and although that is asking for too much we didn’t need to fight no-one … Continue reading

Carrot and feta cheese fried bites

I wanted to write about our weekend in the beach but the evening has gone by before I could even realize and I cannot be another day without posting. Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll manage my time better and succeed in writing about our Trip to Rügen. In the meanwhile… and as we are going out for dinner tonight, I’ll appease my kitchen necessities, here is a delicious recipe for the collection ;) Carrot and feta cheese … Continue reading


Oh Sunday, glorious Sunday! I LOVE SUNDAYS. You do not have anything to worry about or anything to do, so you can literally lay down the whoooole day…or if you live in my house you will probably go out for a 4hours bike ride. I know I was supposed to post about an outfit but my look for the entire weekend had been my bikini, very cute bikini, not so much to do a post … Continue reading

Warm salad with fried rice and smoked tofu

As last week I explained you guys my “new hobby” I guess it is about time to start sharing the love ;) Tonight we had a warm salad with fried rice and smoked tofu for dinner and I took a couple of pictures while preparing it. [It’s cooking time] The “salad” part is extremely easy. Just wash and dry as much lettuce as you might require. In our case was about a big bowl and … Continue reading

DAY 1 – White Dress

Day 1!! FINALLY…it took me just one week to write my first post of the seven I wanted to write, but trust me it is not so easy and I am too lazy. This first outfit is something I bought last week. I went to Marbella so I wanted to buy something nice. If you don´t know Marbella is a Beach city in the South of Spain. Great place to wear something white like the … Continue reading

My new hobby: the kitchen!


I love to cook. Seriously, I never thought that I would have so much fun preparing food. I guess it has something to do with the fact that it combines two activities which I’m very fond of; creating and eating. The former could be the key to many-many posts in the future. I remember when I used to sign up for arts & crafts or for the wood-workshop in the summer camp and even for … Continue reading