By the way, I’m vegetarian

Boy I can’t believe it’s been already a month since I last posted. Well, actually I’m lying. I have done so many things since that I’m not surprised at all and I have a huge “to post” list that I hope to tackle this weekend. I have to tell you about the Beltane Fire Festival when we welcome the summer. I have been traveling a little bit too so soon you will be able to … Continue reading

If you are reading this you should be grateful

I haven’t posted in a while and in my case that only can mean two things; either I’m way too busy, I don’t have time to stop and share or life has become so monotonous that nothing relevant is going on, so I don’t have much to write about. Well, this time it has been a bit of the both extremes. During Easter weekend, Clement’s sister and a friend visited us and on Sunday we … Continue reading

Before the snow there was York.

I clearly remember how a couple of weeks ago we were celebrating that the worst part of winter was over. WRONG! Poor innocent us, unaware of the impact of our comments we smiled and toasted to the spring and the good weather but what we had really just done was evoking Murphy’s law :S On Monday we started week number three of snow and the cold temperatures. I won’t say I’m complaining, as I still … Continue reading

Let it snow!

Despite the cold temperatures, I still think that the weather in Scotland or at least in Edinburgh is a lot nicer that what I experienced while living in Berlin. Yes, sometimes it rains and yes, sometimes we have a grey day but overall, I still think that the allegations of bad weather in Scotland are only an urban legend. I will not deny that after a quite active Sunday night, we woke up with a … Continue reading

International Women’s Day

To all my ladies out there… have a lovely day and to all the gentlemen reading, I’m sure you are blessed with a woman in your life so congratulations to you too ;) I’m sure that yesterday, when my sister wrote a post with tips about girls, she didn’t have Today’s date in mind and now as a result, this week the blog couldn’t have a higher “female power” spirit. I must confess, I was … Continue reading


I am back…I think it has been more than one month…but good things always make them wait, or at least that is what they say! Anyway, today I was having lunch with a good friend of mine and we were talking about boys, boyfriends, friends and the male gender in general and then was when it hit me…Today I am going to talk about us, the girls. Because being a girl it ain’t easy. For … Continue reading

French Flavours

As I’ve told you before, I love to cook. I adore creating yummy things from a simple salad to a more elaborated recipe like carrot and feta bites. I really enjoy mixing different ingredients and exploring new tastes. Last week it was Saint Valentine’s and how convenient… I celebrated a very romantic day; my anniversary. Could the date get any more loveable? Cheesy I know. I’m sure many of you went to a restaurant to … Continue reading

The Highlands Road trip

This post was supposed to go live last week but as I open the computer to start writing I saw a MOUSE in the opposite corner of the room and as you might imagine… I had to invest my afternoon in a different way. It was just for a second, I was in the living room sitting on the sofa. The sun had just set down and I was too busy finishing an episode from … Continue reading

Is Paris the most romantic city in the world?

Last week I was in the city of lights and although it was cold and we even had some rain, I just love it. As much as I like travelling to new destinations, I really enjoy going back to places I already know. Not only you get to see new neighborhoods or areas and find out about secret-spots you didn’t have the chance to see on the previous visit. And even if the city hasn´t … Continue reading

Time to write

Now that most of the northern hemisphere is facing really cold temperatures and snow seems to be all over the place, I guess is a good time to make balance of the winter season. I know I haven’t written in ages but first I didn’t have much to tell, then I went back home for holidays and then after Christmas and back to reality, the job-hunt hasn’t been very successful so I wasn’t too motivated. … Continue reading