Brasil Soccer World Cup

Everybody knows that the Soccer World Cup is almost here. And if for any reason you are from another planet and are unaware of it, don’t worry there are already one hundred articles, advertisings and comments that will give you a lead on it. For example, a few days a ago my boyfriend sent my the ultimate 14 rules that a girl should follow during the world cup…WHAT?! 14 rules that WE have to follow. … Continue reading

Burns Night & Gay Gordon’s

It’s been literary ages since last time I wrote. As a new year’s resolution I promised myself I was going to write at least twice a month and here we are… last day of January and still no new posts around. However, I have good news… Today is the first new moon of the calendar year which means; Chinese New Year! Yay, I can give those New Year’s resolutions a second chance. :) By the … Continue reading

So… where is this going?

Oh boy today is cold, sunny but cold. Summer is now long gone and in a couple of days we’ll celebrate our first year in Edinburgh. Ironically, things are looking quite similar to then; our landlord decided to sell our apartment so soon we will be receiving lots of boxes and in November we’ll be moving again. I’m also still looking for a job and although I still haven’t secured anything, I won’t give up. … Continue reading

Not even married but thinking about diapers

Today’s topic might be a little bit unusual but as you know, I’m actively looking for a job and I came across with an application that looks very interesting. Although I haven’t been shortlisted (yet), along with the application form, I have to submit a hypothetical blog post; so I thought I could go that extra mile, turn theory into reality and give the organisation some promotion and who knows… I might even be winning … Continue reading

An interview to remember

I’ve been gone for a while, maybe for too long. My to-post-list keeps growing as I’ve been travelling quite a lot but I couldn’t find the way or the right “excuse” to start writing again. Beside, in the past couple of weeks I’ve been having quite a lot interviews but I never manage to secure any position so I wasn’t feeling over the moon to sit down and write. However, last week I had the … Continue reading

Feeling Epic!

I know I still haven´t posted the Roasted Butternut Squash recipe but there were some last minute changes in the weekend menu and although I was planning to post it today, live is not how you plan it and I have a great post to share with you. I don’t know if today Karma loves me, hates me or if it is just trying to teach me a lesson but right now I am feeling … Continue reading

By the way, I’m vegetarian

Boy I can’t believe it’s been already a month since I last posted. Well, actually I’m lying. I have done so many things since that I’m not surprised at all and I have a huge “to post” list that I hope to tackle this weekend. I have to tell you about the Beltane Fire Festival when we welcome the summer. I have been traveling a little bit too so soon you will be able to … Continue reading

If you are reading this you should be grateful

I haven’t posted in a while and in my case that only can mean two things; either I’m way too busy, I don’t have time to stop and share or life has become so monotonous that nothing relevant is going on, so I don’t have much to write about. Well, this time it has been a bit of the both extremes. During Easter weekend, Clement’s sister and a friend visited us and on Sunday we … Continue reading

Let it snow!

Despite the cold temperatures, I still think that the weather in Scotland or at least in Edinburgh is a lot nicer that what I experienced while living in Berlin. Yes, sometimes it rains and yes, sometimes we have a grey day but overall, I still think that the allegations of bad weather in Scotland are only an urban legend. I will not deny that after a quite active Sunday night, we woke up with a … Continue reading