Brasil Soccer World Cup

Everybody knows that the Soccer World Cup is almost here. And if for any reason you are from another planet and are unaware of it, don’t worry there are already one hundred articles, advertisings and comments that will give you a lead on it. For example, a few days a ago my boyfriend sent my the ultimate 14 rules that a girl should follow during the world cup…WHAT?! 14 rules that WE have to follow. … Continue reading


I am back…I think it has been more than one month…but good things always make them wait, or at least that is what they say! Anyway, today I was having lunch with a good friend of mine and we were talking about boys, boyfriends, friends and the male gender in general and then was when it hit me…Today I am going to talk about us, the girls. Because being a girl it ain’t easy. For … Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars!

A new year has begun…YEIH!! Not that 2012 was bad, because it wasn’t and I really liked it, but these 6 days of 2013 have been quite nice. In a few lines I can say that I began the year with the best surprise ever, my boyfriend, who was in France, came to visit me on new year’s eve by surprise, I almost died (L). Also we had a party at our house (which we … Continue reading

Eating…FUN, diet..BAD!!!

As always I have a million things to do and want to write about a million things as well, but also, as always, I do not know where to start. So I have decided to start writing something, that in comparison to some assignments that I have to do for my college looks much more entertaining. I am suppose to be doing an essay for tomorrow, but like everybody else in this position, I am just … Continue reading

Being sick sucks!

Literally, being sick sucks and especially when you are all grown up. I remember when I was little and I would get sick and that would mean the coolest day of the month. Normally, my mom would let my little brother stay home with me so I would’t be alone. Probably I would have my favorite meal done and if I was sick of my tummy I would be have permission to drink as much … Continue reading

JUAN LES-PINS, Côte d´Azur

Two weeks have gone by since I was relaxing in the beautiful Côte d´Azur, in France. Now, sitting in the library of my university, all surrunded by books, notes and others, and what it is worse…wearing a sweater and boots; it seems like those days were a long long time ago…I want summer again!! Well anyway I can wish whatever I want but summer wont come back untill next year, thanks God we have pictures … Continue reading

DAY 2 – Pink Skirt

FINALLY DAY 2!! it has taken me a while to post the second outfit, but summer is finishing and there is so many things to do. OH SUMMER endless summer, although I have not had any summer at all, now that I think about it. I have been working for the past two months in PRIMARK, as I already told you, and in two days my internship will be over. The worst part of it … Continue reading


Oh Sunday, glorious Sunday! I LOVE SUNDAYS. You do not have anything to worry about or anything to do, so you can literally lay down the whoooole day…or if you live in my house you will probably go out for a 4hours bike ride. I know I was supposed to post about an outfit but my look for the entire weekend had been my bikini, very cute bikini, not so much to do a post … Continue reading

DAY 1 – White Dress

Day 1!! FINALLY…it took me just one week to write my first post of the seven I wanted to write, but trust me it is not so easy and I am too lazy. This first outfit is something I bought last week. I went to Marbella so I wanted to buy something nice. If you don´t know Marbella is a Beach city in the South of Spain. Great place to wear something white like the … Continue reading

Cleaning up the closet

HELLO WORLD!I have been thinking all week what should I write in MY first post. At first I had no idea, so I began thinking and sooo many things came to my head that I still had no idea where to begin with. I though writing a blog would be something quite easy…just putting my mind into words, but no my dear friends… it is not easy! Today I decided to clean up my room, … Continue reading