Hello and welcome!
Here you will a little bit more info about the “we” behind wehaveablog.net

This blog started as a bonding project between two sisters that used to share the same pink-wall double-bedroom with disney duvets and ended up living miles apart.

Meet KTS:

Hi everybody, my name is Cat. I’m the big sister and I don’t know exactly what I will be writing about but don’t worry, that shouldn’t be an issue. I guess I’ll write about my life in general as I don’t think it can be defined as boring :P I’ll also write about different trips as I usually tend to spend all my savings on travelling and as I really enjoy cooking I’ll try to pots once in a while a bit about my cooking experiments as I’m trying to eat as less meat as possible and therefore I’m testing quite a lot with vegetarian meals. Regardless of the content, I’m very excited with this project. I think it will be a great tool not only for bonding with my little sis but also a great way of sharing with friends, family and the World Wide Web.

What else… I was born in Germany in 1984, my family is from Colombia but I grew up in Spain. I have a bachelor in Advertisement and Public Relations and one in Journalism. Spanish is my mother tongue but I’m fluent in English, I also speak a little bit of German and French. I love communications and I have a master’s degree in PR and Corporate Communications.

I live in Berlin since July 2011. Since October 2012 I live in Edinburgh. Prior to Berlin I was in Washington DC for almost two years and before that I lived in the city that I like to call “home”: Madrid. Yes, I’m aware I’ve been jumping quite a lot from one place to another and I don’t think Berlin Scotland will be the last stop of the journey so I promise to update this part in the future ;)

Meet Lily:

Hello world! I´m Lily the little sister, and as Cat I don´t really know about what I am going to write, especially because it is my first time writing something apart from college essays.  I love fashion so I will probably be writing about it, but don´t worry this won’t be like all these blogs that talk about the exact same things and show the exact same outfits. I´ll try to make it different and I will talk about everything from hairstyles, outfits and shoes to things I think about during the day, which means a lot…because I love to daydream.

We decided to start these blog to do something together as sisters, because she lives in Berlin and I live in Madrid, that means a lot of miles between us, something really hard to adapt to because we are really close. We used to share the room and if you have done that with your sister or brother you know what I mean.

What to say about me? I don´t like talking about myself, I rather prefer others to be the ones talking about me (I also like being a little diva ;)). I will be very brief. I am 22 years old and I´m in my last year of college…OMG last year…one more year and I will officially be an adult. Right now I´m doing a two-month internship in Primark a cloth brand, I love it there and I think it is a great place to start my career, I wanna become someone big, not only professionally but as in my life.

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” Coco Chanel.

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