So… where is this going?

Oh boy today is cold, sunny but cold. Summer is now long gone and in a couple of days we’ll celebrate our first year in Edinburgh. Ironically, things are looking quite similar to then; our landlord decided to sell our apartment so soon we will be receiving lots of boxes and in November we’ll be moving again. I’m also still looking for a job and although I still haven’t secured anything, I won’t give up. For those who follow the blog regularly, you know that since summer I’ve had a lot more interviews than before. Most of them have been very standard, some pretty crazy but all of them are a learning experience that are just preparing me for “the job” that is there (somewhere) waiting for me.

However, in an attempt to temp Murphy’s Law I decided to enroll in a couple of classes, nothing too complicated or extraordinary; German, French and History of Scotland. Unfortunately for the history one, we were not enough students and the class got cancelled. A big shame as I wanted to use it as new material for the blog :( But don’t worry, I also enrolled with Clément in a Ceilidh class and that one is going great!

Ceilidh, is a Gaelic word that means “party” and no wonder. It involves live music, folk Gaelic music, and tons of dancing. And that is precisely what we are learning in the Ceilidh class. After trying Salsa in Berlin and Swing early in January, we’ve found a dance that is easy, fun and it is also a great work out.

There are lots and lots of different dances and as a way of keeping a track of them I’ll be posting the steps for each new one we learn and hopefully I’ll find a video to go with the description.

So… That is pretty much all the news I have so far but I would hate to finish the post without something more philosophycal so here is a quote from Jaune Quick-To-See Smith, a Native American contemporary artist, that is a great “tantra” for the job situation and works perfectly with the tittle of the post ;)

“We can’t predict where we’re going in life, but we can have goals and stay focused. So you have to do what you believe in. Do what makes you whole and happy. Do what keeps your life in balance.”

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