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Today’s topic might be a little bit unusual but as you know, I’m actively looking for a job and I came across with an application that looks very interesting. Although I haven’t been shortlisted (yet), along with the application form, I have to submit a hypothetical blog post; so I thought I could go that extra mile, turn theory into reality and give the organisation some promotion and who knows… I might even be winning some extra points :). Between us, after the crazy job interview, this seems just like a good idea.

The company I would like to work for is called Changeworks. They are an environmental charity and their main goals are (1) to inspire and enable actions to reduce CO2, waste and fuel poverty; (2) build confidence and skills to make sustainable choices; (3) share their knowledge and learn from others to maximise impact and (4) deliver the best possible service creatively and professionally. After my capstone experience with WWF, this sounds very interesting, so fingers crossed…

As you might imagine, after living in Germany for more than a year I’ve become… how to say it? more environmentally aware. If you think we recycle in Spain… sorry but think again. And for those reading from the States, you’ll find the world recycling in the dictionary under “R” and don’t you dare to play the offended card. Having separate bins in the airport or subway station doesn’t mean that you recycle and there is still a lot to do for you my friends.

Recycling in Germany is a highlight of everyday-life. There are so many colours for the different containers that if you arrange them (the containers) in the right way, I’m sure you can get a rainbow. Berlin is a city full of bikes with decent bike lanes and the Pfand is an institution. Now that we are settled in Edinburgh, we’ve learn how canny the Scottish can be so we can forget about getting money in return of empty bottles. However, there are lots of other activities we can also do in order to reduce our carbon footprint. The possibilities are endless. You can choose: small, medium or large. As I said, this post is not going to be the usual kind of post you’ll find in here and the title might be misleading if you are hoping to read some juicy pregnancy gossip. HOWEVER, a lot of my friends have or are getting married and hopefully babies will be coming soon so here is a great piece of information ;).

It might sound like a cliché but all the “already” parents will back me up when I say a baby produces a lot of waste. Their daily activities are basically an attainment of sleeping, eating, using diapers and back to sleep or eat. Changeworks has a waste prevention program with useful tips on how to reduce waste at home. For all of you young families or parents-to-be, the Real Nappy project is a good place to start.

In case you are wondering, a Real Nappy is (like the name suggests) an alternative to disposable nappies. BUT, if you are thinking of this:

How to foldAnd lots of this:safety-pin

Take a deep breath and come back to the 21st century.

Yes, the Real Nappies are designed as an environmental choice and they are reusable but they are not a basic towel square. They are soft and fleecy. No need for safety pins, the Real Nappies have Velcro and they are available in slim fitting or the more traditional, well-padded version to ensure that the baby stays comfortable and dry. Plus… Any fashion babies around? Well, good news! Real nappies come in an assortment of colours.

Are you starting to visualize something more like this?


If you start using Real Nappies, you’ll save 350 kilos of waste a year! Think how many trips taking out the garbage you’ll save too ;). Eco-friendly Nappies sounding like music to your ears? Well, let me tell you there are three basic types of real nappy: flat nappies with separate waterproof covers, shaped nappies with separate waterproof covers and the all-in-one nappies. All of them are very easy to use and not only have a positive impact on the family budget but also on the environment. Nonetheless, if you are not completely sure about how the nappies work or would like to speak with other experienced parents, Changeworks holds regular coffee mornings called ‘Nappuccinos’. These meetings are free, relaxed and informal; a great opportunity for that extra info you might need.

There are Nappuccinos all over Scotland but if like me, you are based in the gorgeous city of Edinburgh, feel free to mark Thursday 26th September in your agenda. Stop by the Duncan Place Resource Centre (Duke Street, Leith) between 10am-11.30am for some advice and information, see different types of Real Nappies and even apply for a trial pack or lending kit.

Of course, if you want more information, don’t hesitate to contact The Real Nappy Project at 0131 555 4010 or drop them a line.

BABIESCan't wait to have gorgeous babies!!!
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