Feeling Epic!

I know I still haven´t posted the Roasted Butternut Squash recipe but there were some last minute changes in the weekend menu and although I was planning to post it today, live is not how you plan it and I have a great post to share with you.

I don’t know if today Karma loves me, hates me or if it is just trying to teach me a lesson but right now I am feeling epic. This morning as I woke up I noticed a funny tickle in my lip. I know very well “that” spot as for some funny reason every 3 months more or less I get a cold sore in the exactly same place. No surprise when I looked in the mirror, my old friend was about to pop and say hi. At once I laughed and thought this was God punishing me because I had a quite uncomfortable argue with my mom last night (via Skype) right before going to sleep. Not learning my lesson, this morning I had another tense moment with her (now on the phone) before leaving to my aqua class. Due to the argument I was running late to the class and I had to sprint down the stairs and across a couple of streets to make it in time. My heart was about to burst inside my chest by the time I got to the pool and although it was a heck of a warming up, I got the message and as I arrived back home I wrote my mom a message apologizing.

Then magic started… in within 15 minutes I got TWO invitations for job interviews next week. However, I won’t jinx it and I will withhold that information until further notice ;) I showered and got ready to meet with a friend for lunch. MORE great news! Love is smiling upon us and she is getting into a very sweet story with tons of good-times potential. I was very glad she wanted to meet with me, tell me about it and share thoughts. I feel very honored when people trust my gut-feeling on these kind of topics.

As we walked out of the restaurant I saw my bus arriving but instead of running away like a mad woman, I noticed the sun was shining and decided to linger for a wee longer with my friend as she walked back to the office. Then on my way back home I passed a blood donor center and as happy as I was with the good news, I thought I could do some good myself. I haven’t donated blood in a while and as I used to do it quite often in Madrid, I got a bit excited with the idea. Funny fact… they didn’t let me! WHAAAAAT?!?! Apparently they are quite concerned about I don’t-know-what disease in Central and South America and because my mom was born in Colombia my blood is “no good”. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Very politely I told the nurse that there had to be a mistake as I have never had any problems before and she told me that probably in Spain (like in England) they do a test before and if your blood is ok, they will take it but that in Scotland they don’t test the blood so they couldn’t accept me as a donor. WAIT A MINUTE… what do you mean they don’t “test” it. I’m sure she meant that they don’t do a specific type of test regarding that disease but one way or the other… I was able to fulfill my philanthropic impulse and I had to leave with all my blood. As I resumed my walk back home I arrived to Toll Cross and saw this sign on a window:

Dog Walker[I love this city]

“This is my chance” I thought; maybe my blood is not good enough but no dog is going to refuse a walk and I can tell him my sorrows. INNOCENT ME (again). As I entered the store, the dog was already staring at me but the owner told me that he was about to take him on his regular walk so sorry but maybe next time. !!!! I called it off, jumped on a bus back home and before locking myself up in the apartment while looking for new job opportunities I decided to stop by the super market and get some oranges for a fresh juice. Well, well, well… the timing could not have been better.

Have you ever analyzed others people groceries? I know I might be strange sometimes but you can get a lot of information from the person in front. As I was waiting to pay I noticed the shopping was quite basic and not too luxurious. Small bottle of milk, some pasta, loose onions… Not to stereotype, but it was quite inexpensive and I couldn’t help to see who was behind it. At the end of the belt there was a middle age man who could only see from one eye. He had it completely closed and as he talked with the cashier he had to turn the face more than “normal” to see him. His clothes looked old and I am pretty sure he had an injured arm as his movements with it were very slow. As he was going to pay, he pulled out of his pocket an extremely wrinkled bank-note. Actually, it was more of a small ball that happened to be a bank-note. His check was for £14 and although he looked for some coins in his pockets, he didn’t have enough. As he was choosing some items to return, I seized opportunity and offered to pay the missing part. At first he was very surprised and didn’t seem to understand why out of nowhere a complete stranger was offering to help him. After being defeated by the blood center and the dog fiasco, I insisted that it wasn´t a problem at all and that we all need to be good for other people whenever we can. The smile that illuminated his face was priceless and the 5 or 6 thank-you he gave me totally made my day.

So people… If you dig my great day go out there and do something good. It doesn’t have to be something huge. You can pay the bus ticket for someone or get warm soup to someone in the street but you’ll be surprised of how much you’ll get back from a small action.

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