JUAN LES-PINS, Côte d´Azur

Two weeks have gone by since I was relaxing in the beautiful Côte d´Azur, in France. Now, sitting in the library of my university, all surrunded by books, notes and others, and what it is worse…wearing a sweater and boots; it seems like those days were a long long time ago…I want summer again!!

Well anyway I can wish whatever I want but summer wont come back untill next year, thanks God we have pictures to remember those glorious and sunny days in which you only had to lay down in a swimmingpool or the beach and relax while listening music. Now I have to think what to wear everyday to my Uni, to my work and if I go out I also need to find something nice to wear; I also have to remember the homework sent by the teacher, although here I must say that I have the best friend ever. She is like a super cool personalise agenda that makes sure I do everything in time (THANKS FA!). But getting back to my super ONE week summer, in three words; it was great!

Being there is awsome, my boyfriend´s parents are the swettest couple I have ever met (apart from my parents, which hopefully and If I am not too lasy I will write about some day soon) and his grandma is sooo cute, they are always spoiling and caring for me, I LOVE IT! but instead of telling you here are some pictures…they are prettier than my words!


Juan les-Pins


Cap d’Ail



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